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January 21, 2013: New Beginnings

Welcome back, Leigh-Anne. We’ve missed you and I’ve done a spotty job of holding the fort during your hiatus. I need to respond to your Sweet Tooth critique, but I can’t quite muster the energy to actually finish the book. … Continue reading

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November 20, 2012: Pi on the Big Screen

It’s always so nerve-racking when one of your favourite books is being released as a movie (or film, as my friend Catherine would say). There’s so much potential for greatness (I’m looking at you, English Patient) but more often than … Continue reading

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May 10, 2012: The Perfect Beach Read

In a very happy turn of events, I’m headed off for a long weekend on the beach… without my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m crazy about my kids and I love travelling with them, but it’s nice to have … Continue reading

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May 9, 2012: Art Garfunkel Reads (Among Other Things)

Another gem from Kelly the book-returner. He tipped me off to the existence of Art Garfunkel’s fascinating website. It seems that Art is a voracious reader (self-declared), a list-maker (not unlike myself) and a documentarian of his own life. On … Continue reading

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March 8, 2012: The Rooster Crows Again

Some of you may remember that crazy book tournament that I blogged about last year on more than one occasion. Remember? The one that gives a live rooster to the winning author? Literary bloodsport? Book battle to the death? Sort of … Continue reading

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January 31, 2012: Coming Into Our Own

One of my two book clubs met earlier this month for our much-rescheduled and long overdue holiday book exchange. Every member brings a new copy of a book that she enjoyed during the previous 12 months but that we didn’t … Continue reading

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December 30, 2011: McEwan v Barnes

So it seems I have a thing for English writers of a certain age. I’m halfway through Julian Barnes’ Man Booker prize-winning The Sense of an Ending and I feel like Mr. Barnes is giving Mr. McEwan a run for … Continue reading

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