Ian and the ladies

Hi everyone, I’ve missed you. I cannot explain my long absence from 50pagesaday other than to say that I don’t feel that I was my most interesting self in 2012. I spent much of the year not reading, feigning interest in Greek mythology, being hung over from a rash of excellent birthday parties, and working. And who wants to read about that?

Well, as you all know, it’s now 2013 and I figured it was time for a comeback.

My first topic of the year has got to be about Amy’s boyfriend. I don’t think he was his best self in 2012 either.

I’m talking about Ian McEwan and Sweet Tooth. I have to register my disappointment. I don’t want to be a hater, but in my opinion, Sweet Tooth was cliché after cliché. We’re set up from the first page as the main character; Serena gives away the ending from the future. For me, there is only one Serena, and that is Van der Woodsen, so guess I was put off from the get-go. The rest unravels as literary espionage, and I often found myself wishing I were watching Daniel Craig in Tom Ford instead. Then, worst of all, everything culminates with a shabby epilogue disguised as a letter to the narrator. Yuk.

The other thing is that about half way through, I began to suspect that Mr. McEwan is not a fan of the ladies. And I don’t mean in a fabulous way. I mean in a misogynist way. His character, Serena is completely uninteresting in every way. She is described as beautiful, but not captivating. She is jealous of her friends, lives in an ugly flat and falls in love with the wrong people. Okay, that last one can happen to anyone, but you get my point. Her big undoing is that she lies and betrays her lover. But her betrayal is wimpy. I kept wishing she’d become a cold-hearted kick ass spy.

So we don’t like Serena because Ian doesn’t. I suspect she is based on some tepid British gal that scorned him, possibly a long time ago. He should have tried therapy instead of subjecting the rest of us to her also.

So it seems, my crush is over. Amy is free to love who she wants.

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1 Response to Ian and the ladies

  1. cathy charles says:

    great comeback!

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