October 9, 2012: Home, A Book Igloo

During my long break from blogging, I was always collecting ideas for future posts in case I ever got my groove back. Many of these ideas were sent by friends and family who had stumbled across interesting book-related items that would make good blog fodder, including this gem from my sister, Katie. She sent it via Google+ (which I still don’t understand) without any accompanying commentary. Just a link. Curious, I clicked through and found this masterpiece awaiting: Home.

Don’t you love it? I really really do. I’ve done no research beyond what’s listed there for us all to read: “‘Home’ by Columbian [sic] artist Miler Lagos, is a seven foot tall igloo-shaped sculpture made out of books. The sculpture was on display last Fall at the MagnanMetz Gallery in New York City.” While I’m curious about the artist, part of me doesn’t want to know anything more. The structure is so simple and lovely, it doesn’t require any further explanation.

I love it from the outside but I think I love it even more from the inside. It’s reminiscent of Karl Lagerfeld’s bookshelves where the spines are often turned toward the wall. It requires an inside connection to the piece in order to see what’s holding it up. I like to think that in some parallel life I could build a book igloo and leave it standing in my living room undisturbed. (If I know anyone who could build a book igloo, it would be my cousin Graham, but that’s a story for another day.) I would spend hours debating which books belong on the base layers (obviously the Bible, Homer, Herodotus and Shakespeare) and which ones belong in the upper reaches (Zadie Smith? Junot Diaz? David Bezmozgis?) And before you even go there, for the engineers in the crowd,  yes, I do understand that dimension would determine each book’s placement in the igloo (so I wouldn’t necessarily be able to place foundation literature in the foundation of the structure) and that each book in Lagos’ igloo appears to be roughly the same size. Certainly, fat paperbacks à la John Grisham and Danielle Steele need not apply.

P.S.  In case Home doesn’t completely satisfy your book-as-sculpture needs, here’s another interesting piece, currently on display in The Hague. This one shows hundreds of books pouring out a second-storey window as part of the 2012 International Paper Biennial and is on display until November 25.

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2 Responses to October 9, 2012: Home, A Book Igloo

  1. jimmy says:

    how many books in the igloo?
    is anyone anal enough to count
    if so, pass on the count?

  2. cathy charles says:

    great blog Amy. loved the sculptures, cath

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