October 4, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves IV

I know, I know. It’s been a long hiatus. I won’t bore you with excuses, but suffice it to say, I had a lovely summer and a great start to fall. Reading (like blogging) hasn’t been a huge focus of my life but I’ve managed to squeeze in a few books here and there. My reading list is up to date on the top navigation under Books Read (2012) in case you’re curious.

I thought I’d kick off my return with a peek at Mary’s bookshelves. (They’re Jim’s bookshelves too, but I think we all know they’re really Mary’s.) Mary is my librarian mother and she keeps a meticulous bookshelf. She owns many volumes and can put her finger on any title within seconds due to her stalwart dedication to the tried-and-true alphabetical-by-author’s-last-name system. (It’s really hard to beat.) She’s also a ruthless editor, quick to dispose of titles that no longer interest her. It’s good to swing by their house on those days.

Mary (& Jim) were lucky to move into a house with a built-in library on the second floor that’s open to the first floor. (I’m sure there’s an architectural term for this but I don’t know it.) The previous owners were apparently avid collectors of Penguin paperbacks and had sections of the shelves custom-built to fit their Penguins perfectly so they’re a little shallow in spots. Regardless, I think they’re lovely and I like being able to peer up at them from below. My favourite is the view from the street at night (even when it’s taken on a low-tech phone as below).

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1 Response to October 4, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves IV

  1. cathy charles says:

    Amy, great to see you back to the blog. Hope you have time to keep it up, cathy

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