April 18, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves III

Enter Kelly. I think it would be fair to label Kelly’s system the anti-shelf. Kelly says she too dreams of rooms filled with books and spends many hours looking at house magazines and browsing Pinterest to find inspiration. Kelly has lots of ideas for rooms and shelves to build but somehow the floor option always wins out. You know what Kelly? I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve always loved the look of books stacked on the floor. I love the mix of books and magazines, vertical and horizontal, hardcover and paperback, fiction and non. I think it works. It feels bohemian, eclectic and warm. It feels like you’re surrounded by books that have been read and loved. And in spite of her dreaming, I think Kelly agrees: “It keeps me on my toes. Reminds me what I still have to read and what I want to re-read.”

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2 Responses to April 18, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves III

  1. cathy charles says:

    am loving this new theme of book shelves! Cath

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