April 11, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves II

Not one to be left out of a good time, Lindsay sent me a photo of her bookshelves immediately after my last post. In her own words: “The opposite look. No order but I know where everything is.” In my own home, I adhere strictly to an alphabetical-by-author’s-last-name system but it doesn’t bother me that others don’t impose such rigidity on themselves. As long as she knows where things are, that’s what matters, right? I think what’s evident from these bookshelves (versus, say, Oprah’s bookshelves) is that Lindsay is a reader. You can just tell that these books have been read (and sometimes re-read) and enjoyed. I think you can also tell that Lindsay writes in the margins of her books, but that’s just a guess.

Lindsay also revealed that she has hundreds more books packed away in boxes. To be unpacked onto future bookshelves? To be carted off to a used bookseller? To languish forever in boxes in the basement? I’m not sure. The point is, Lindsay is a true lover of books, and for those of us who fall into that camp, there will always be more books than places to put them.

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1 Response to April 11, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves II

  1. cathy charles says:

    amy, love the new series : real people’s bookshelves. looking forward to seeing yours! cath

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