April 6, 2012: Real People’s Bookshelves

Sometime ago, I told Karen, one of my loyal (?) readers, that I would post a photo of the bookshelves in my own home. I have a lot to say about other people’s bookshelves, so when Karen asked, I thought it only fair to oblige. Somehow many months have passed and I have not yet posted a photo. I kept thinking I needed to tidy them up before photographing them and then I just sort of forgot.

I was reminded of this the other night at book club while admiring our host’s lovely bookshelves. Colour-coded and yet very easy to find your book of choice, a visually pleasing mix of vertical and horizontal stacks, and just the right amount of other objects (family photos, trophies and other ephemera) thrown in for balance. See for yourself. Click on the image for a closer look. I know it’s not a professional photograph, but aren’t they nice? And so, I present the first in a series I call “real people’s bookshelves”. (Karen, in case you’re wondering, my own bookshelves will be included.)

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