December 22, 2011: The And of Reading

I’m a multi-tasker. Always have been and likely always will be. Typical combinations for me include walking and texting, eating and typing (right now), parenting and drinking wine. My attention span is short and my ability to focus on a singular task extremely weak – except when it comes to reading. I could sit and read for hours on end without so much as a bathroom break. Sure, I enjoy the occasional “reading and” combos (we’ve already covered reading and brushing my teeth, as well as reading and driving – ahem) but for the most part, it’s just reading. And it’s great.

The problem with this time of the year is that there’s so much to do and almost none of it can be done while reading. You can’t read and wrap presents,  it’s next to impossible to read and write Christmas cards, and you certainly shouldn’t read and attend a cocktail party, if you ever want to be invited to another one. So because of all the ands in my life right now, there’s very little reading going on. It’s all good but it does impede progress on the project quite a bit. You’ll notice that my stats aren’t included in this post as there is very little to report since my last post. I’m still hoping to finish The Night Circus and knock off one more quick one before we ring in the new year, but with every day that passes I’m realizing that’s probably too ambitious a goal. Oh well. I started the year with a big goal, might as well end with one too.

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1 Response to December 22, 2011: The And of Reading

  1. ljo says:

    my husband reads at cocktail parties…..

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