October 27, 2011: Common Ground?

PAGES READ SINCE October 19: 255
CURRENTLY READING: A Visit from the Good Squad by Jennifer Egan
BOOKS SET ASIDE FOR THE MOMENT: Life by Keith Richards and The Steps Across the Water by Adam Gopnik
-5,851 PAGES

I recently wrote a post poking some light-hearted fun at Leigh-Anne for watching Jersey Shore. In response, some wondered whether Leigh-Anne and I are in a fight. Leigh-Anne herself asked me why I was mad at her. In the spirit of clearing the air, let me say that my post was meant to be a joke. Leigh-Anne left herself wide open by admitting that she watched (and enjoyed) a Jersey Shore marathon. I mean, c’mon. She is an educated and intelligent mother of two, north of 21 years of age and with a career in educational publishing. She does not fit the typical viewer demographic for the show. (And the fact that she claims I missed the post-modern nuances of her post only highlights that…)

Anyhoo, as has been referenced elsewhere in this blog, while we share many things, including a 20-year friendship, Leigh-Anne and I don’t often share the same taste in fiction. But I think I might have finally found a book that bridges the gap: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. I’m halfway through it, loving it and keep thinking that Leigh-Anne would love it too. L-A: If you’re out there, I invite you to read it and see if we’ve finally found some common ground.  Friends?

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1 Response to October 27, 2011: Common Ground?

  1. Katie says:

    Just finished A Visit from the Goon Squad. Great book. Hope you & Leigh-Anne can mend fences over it 😉

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