Stripes, of course are ok. A new love.

I like simple.

My favorite outfits are basic. A black dress with red shoes. A camel coat with brown boots. Detest beading, anything feathery and/or patterned. Stripes, of course are ok. And the occasional sequin.

For the house, I like white sofas and wood furniture.

My daughter Ruby loves Top Chef. We’ve downloaded 6 seasons and watch it almost every night. Aside from developing a girl-crush on Padma, this experience has taught me that seared beef always trumps any sort of seafood mousse. The chef that starts battering oysters on that show always goes down.

So when the BBCE selected The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje for our next meeting, I wasn’t sure I was looking forward to reading it. As much as I loved The English Patient, my simpleton side struggled a little with the multiple storylines and hyphenated names. I was amazed when I saw the film, because it managed to stay true to the intricacies of the story. As an aside, I do believe the dress-ripping scene supports my earlier theory about the sex in films versus books, but maybe I’m just a visual learner.

But, The Cat’s Table blows my simple theory out of the water. I think it is my new favourite. I love it so much. The intricacies. The detail. I’m enjoying every last description. I’ve even noted that MO always has a character with an affinity for condensed milk. So unlike me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tease my hair out and get a tattoo.

Can’t wait to discuss.

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