September 27, 2011: Read Like A Ninja

PAGES READ SINCE September 21: 232
CURRENTLY READING: The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje
BOOKS SET ASIDE FOR THE MOMENT: Life by Keith Richards and The Steps Across the Water by Adam Gopnik
-5,044 PAGES

My kids and I spent several hours on Sunday at Word on the Street, a delightful street fair celebrating all things literary. We focused on the kids’ end of things: we met some of our favourite local characters (Polkaroo and Chirp), read stories, ate hotdogs, borrowed books from the Toronto Public Library bookmobile, used a porta-potty (a very big adventure), received tons of freebies and browsed the wares being sold at all the different tents. It was great. Among the many interesting things for sale was this excellent t-shirt – Read Like A Ninja: Leave No Page Unturned. I love that they’re making reading sound both cool and a little bit dangerous. We’ll definitely be back next year and maybe I’ll even get to check out the adult side of the fair. Word.

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1 Response to September 27, 2011: Read Like A Ninja

  1. Claire says:

    Too bad you didn’t run into Ben. His favourite part: ‘the forest!’

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