The movie always has more sex than the book

Hi, it’s LA, and I’m happy to report that an excellent pace of reading took place this summer. 50 pages a day? Unlikely. Was it all quality? No. I indulged my utter love of Gossip Girl and started on the books. You know you love me. She’s right, I do.

Summertime blogging, it turns out, is more difficult than summertime reading. But now that the sun is back on vacation, I’m hopeful that I can be more prolific. I’ve said this before, I realize.

The first book I want to talk about is actually a collection of short stories, We Don’t Live Here Anymore.

I came to reading this because a writer I both love and admire fortuitously admonished me for never having read anything by Andre Dubus II. Never mind read anything, I’d never heard of him. A quick visit to Wikopedia intrigued me.

He’s from the south and has a beard. Like it. A series of personal tragedies marked his life. Resulting in an obsession with his family’s safety (like my sweet Chas Tanenbaum), an amputated leg and three failed marriages. Ok, he’s bound to have some insight.

A quick trip to BMV, and I had myself a whole Andre Dubus section. Seems his son, Andre Dubus III is an author too… The House of Sand and Fog. Obviously, I know nothing of literature.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore. “Now a major motion picture”. With Mark Ruffalo and Peter Krause. I love them both, how did I miss this?

Amy has already noted her dislike for movie-themed book covers. For the record,I also dislike them. Mostly because it makes me feel common to be caught reading something that has already been spotted, commercialized and likely ruined by a film. Plus, the casting always influences my experience of the characters. I get distracted in the detail. But Edith has black hair, why did they cast Naomi Watts?

I decided to overlook this and got down to getting to know Andre. The namesake of the collection is about two couples in the throws of it. Young children. The loom of middle age. Mortgages. Careers. Aging parents. I call it the burn. The burn is hard. Some marriages make it through the burn, and some don’t. Mine didn’t. The marriages in the story weren’t going to make it either. And so, they intrigued me.

Now I want to watch the movie. Looks like it has more sex in it than the book.

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