August 28, 2011: Keeping Up With The Obamas

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I’m back. A week in New York followed by a week up in cottage country – I’m feeling both exhausted and refreshed. As projected, I have now completed 20 titles in 2011 and lately it’s been a really good roll of amazing reads. The last two, Cutting for Stone and State of Wonder, were particularly good. These were books that I never wanted to end and yet I found myself rushing to complete them so I could find out how they ended.

It was with great interest that I perused Barack Obama’s reading list for his annual family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. This year’s list is heavily weighted toward fiction which I gather is uncharacteristic for the Commander-in-Chief. (He usually goes in for weighty historical tomes.) The first title on the list: Cutting for Stone. I have to admit I got a little thrill knowing that Obama and I had chosen the same title for our vacation read. We both enjoy that alluring blend of bestseller status and critical acclaim! We’re practically reading buddies! A little further digging brought me to a timeline of all the books Obama has read since taking office. We have only two other titles in common (I give historical biography a wide berth), but still. We’ll always have August 2011…

P.S. Cutting for Stone clocks in at 688 pages and with four other books on the list, I can’t really imagine him getting through the pile on his bedside table. Never mind that his vacation was cut short due to Hurricane Irene, how did he think he would fit it all in? Reading 50 pages a day is hard enough when you’re not monitoring a Libyan uprising, drafting a new jobs and debt policy, dealing with an earthquake on the East Coast and I understand he also enjoys the odd round of golf…

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