June 6, 2011: Stealing A Moment

PAGES READ on Wednesday to Monday: 241
CURRENTLY READING: The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson
-2,481 PAGES

I’ve been asked many times this year when I find the time to read. It’s a legitimate question. Ours is not a quiet household and moments to myself are few and far between. I guess the answer is that I manage to slip it in here and there. As I’ve already mentioned, I now read e-books while I rock my baby to sleep at night (turning the “pages” with my big toe). I’ve also mentioned – but please, still, don’t tell my mom, husband or children – that I sometimes read while I’m sitting at red lights. I also read while I brush my teeth (always) and while my kids are biking on the sidewalk in front of our house. And I read at other times that are perhaps too embarrassing or too revealing to mention here. As I said, I manage to slip it in.

I read a piece in The Globe the other day about Maggie O’Farrell and how she manages to fit her reading in here and there. She’s exactly my kind of reader: she finds “sisyphean domestic tasks greatly improved by the presence of a good book” and she seems to read while washing the dishes, doing laundry and cooking dinner. I like her style and salute all those women whose daily lives are made better because of a good book.

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