May 31, 2011: I Think I Need To Smoke the Green Cheroot

CURRENTLY READING: The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson and The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
-2,422 PAGES

It’s been over two weeks since my last post and in all that time I’ve only read 183 pages. I’ve been reading The Finkler Question for quite a long time now and though it’s well-written and very funny, I’m not totally connecting with it. Inspired by Leigh-Anne’s last post, I’ve also started The Paris Wife but I’m just not feeling the reading groove.

I think the problem is that I’m suffering from blog ennui. This week, my mom tipped me off to Kathleen Winter‘s brilliant and beautiful blog, We Drank Cachaca and Smoked the Green Cheroot. In stark contrast to my self-inflicted chore of doing the same (often tedious) thing every day for an entire year, Winter has challenged herself to try something new every single day. Her blog, chronicling her daily adventures in newness, makes for a compelling read –  partly because of her lovely writing, partly because of her charming illustrations that sometimes accompany her posts, but mostly because the reader is dying to know what the next new thing will be. So far the new things have ranged from buying a funnel (she’s been meaning to buy one all her life) to cooking a tagine to writing a letter to Stephen Harper to dressing her dog in a fancy pink cardigan to instituting a 5:30pm Gin & Tonic Hour to taking her aging mother shopping for a leopard-print brassiere.

Reading Winter’s blog gave me the urge to break away from my routine, mix things up, do something different, smoke the green cheroot, but I guess all that will have to wait until next year (and will require a blog with a different name). At the very least, I think I’ll add Annabel to my to-read list. And maybe I’ll see if my mom needs any new lingerie.

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