May 7, 2011: Ding Dong!

PAGES READ Wednesday to Saturday: 34
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That’s right people, ding dong. As in, ding dong, the witch is dead. Also, ding dong, the cast is gone. And finally, ding dong, I won’t be reading any more Russian literature in the foreseeable future. I finally finished Anna Karenina, although I somehow managed to drag the final 34 pages over four days. Painful.

Much has been written about Anna Karenina and its status as a masterwork is well-established. I won’t offer anything further on this and despite not enjoying it, I won’t challenge its genius. I will, however, offer a couple of observations:

1/ Why did Tolstoy call it Anna Karenina? It seems to me that Levin pulled a Pippa Middleton on his friend Anna and stole the spotlight in a fairly major way (albeit with a less attractive outfit and not nearly as shapely a derrière).

2/ The Russian aristocracy in the late 19th century were an idle bunch. From what I can piece together, they stayed up all night drinking, visiting each other, going to the theatre and drinking some more, before sleeping most of the day. No wonder they were all broke; not one of them made an honest living.

More thoughts to follow. But for now, ding dong.

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3 Responses to May 7, 2011: Ding Dong!

  1. Cathy Charles says:

    number 2) re: Russian aristocracy sounds like Kerrimuir Beach in the summer! cath

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