March 29, 2011: Catching Up With The Rooster

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What with the real March Madness going on, I almost forgot about the book version of bracketology.  It looks like things are proceeding apace with the Rooster Tournament of Books even though I wasn’t paying any attention. Freedom beat Room in the quarter-finals (what???), breezed past A Visit From the Goon Squad in the semis and seems to be the favourite heading into the final. (I guess Oprah’s not on the judging panel or she would have given Franzen a much harder time.) But as we all know from watching basketball, the favourites don’t always win. On the other side of the bracket, my money’s on The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I haven’t read it but I love the title.

The reviews on the site are great and the judges’ reasons for picking one book over another are very interesting. But don’t forget that the tournament was born of a night of heavy drinking and it has all the gravity that one would expect from such auspicious beginnings. One judge attempts to come up with a metric for “cover awfulness” and the ultimate prize of the tournament is indeed a live rooster. These guys are serious readers but they don’t take themselves too seriously. The zombie round is coming up and it looks like a rematch of Freedom v Room – bring it on Franzen, you’re going down.

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