Fingers crossed for Ginger

While Amy is cruising with the Seven Dwarves, I’m going to try and step up and hold down the fort in her absence. I’ve heard inactivity is the death knell for any blog, so I’ll take my responsibility seriously.

I’m sure you’re curious about how I’m making out with Moon Over Marrakesh. It’s an amazing story and I love the author. I don’t understand all of her choices, but I love her anyway. I think it would be a hard book to like if you didn’t feel this way.

More on this later.

The other book I have on the go is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, which I’m reading with my little ones. We’re going through a bit of a ‘horse phase’ right now, having also watched The Man from Snowy River, Seabiscuit, and Secretariat over the past month. Neigh.

We’re just at the part where Merrylegs, Black Beauty’s gentle pony friend, gets p-o’ed with some teenagers and bucks them off to teach them a lesson. Exciting stuff…and timely. I was in NYC last month and got caught behind some picketers fighting to free the Central Park carriage horses. They made me late for my meeting but that’s all forgiven now that I know how much those damn harnesses hurt.

But, I’m nervous because I’m starting to get an Old Yeller vibe off the story. Like things might go badly soon for Merrylegs. Or maybe for Ginger, Black Beauty’s spicy mare friend. That would be sad. She’s already been through so much.

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2 Responses to Fingers crossed for Ginger

  1. Katie says:

    Keep us posted on Ginger.

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