Winter of Literary LA

Last week I was travelling and have subsequently lost a little momentum in the “Winter of Literary LA”.

I have however, selected my next reading. It’s Moon Over Marrakesh by Nazneen Sheikh. I chose it for many reasons: Here they are.

The BBCE has not made its spring selection. We seem to be doing this by committee now, which I love. Collectively, we have at least 25 children under the age of 9, so scheduling this group takes communication. This book looked short enough to bridge the gap to consensus.

I’ve had a file on Morocco since Gwynnie posted GOOP: GO Marrakesh. I like to pretend that I find her brand of kale-infused admonition annoying, but that’s only because I’m jealous.

The last reason is more complex, so you’ll have to indulge me.

A couple of weeks ago, I lost a diamond earring. A special one. Imagine this:

On my way to an important meeting at the U of T, I slipped and fell into a puddle of salt. There was a terrible splash, an immediate goose egg on my shin, and much profanity. I felt like the Tasmanian Devil walking into the wood-panelled room with a mud stain up to my cheekbone and a salt lick from ankle to thigh.

All in all, a phaff. During which, apparently, my beloved gem emancipated itself from my earlobe.

This chain of events left me cursing winter, my choice of footwear that day and my life in general. The lucky person to hear all about this was my gorgeous and empathetic friend, Rahat. To fix the problem of the lost earring, she dove into a deep collection of jewels, which she explained she owned “because she is Indian”. I had myself a new set of sparkly loaners.

The rest was more challenging. For some time, I’d been trying to make sense of things that are impossible to understand. Which is like trying to push against a brick wall. Futile. Exhausting. Hard to resist.

But Rahat said something that day that let me off my own hook, just a little bit. She had just finished Moon over Marrakesh. She said that the story made her think of how you can only know about another person what they are willing to show you. I had my next vehicle for avoiding Milton.

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1 Response to Winter of Literary LA

  1. Mary Fisher says:

    Hi Leighanne,
    We readers do think alike. I heard the last two minutes of an interview between Shelagh Rogers and Nazneen Sheikh on CBC the other day and was so captivated by her I bought Moon Over Marrakech right away and can’t wait to start it.
    Mary (Amy’s mom)

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