February 13, 2011: Being The Perfect Guest

PAGES READ on Thursday: 6
PAGES READ on Friday: 6
PAGES READ on Saturday: 5
PAGES READ on Sunday: 27
CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
-861 PAGES

I haven’t blogged much lately because, frankly, I haven’t read much lately. Life these days is just too busy to tuck into Tolstoy for any decent length of time. We had guests for dinner on Thursday night and I couldn’t very well leave the table with an “Excuse me while I go blog about what I read today.” Then we stayed with friends for the weekend and I would hardly be the perfect guest (or wife or mother) if I retired to my room for an hour to read. My sister is very worried about my stats as am I. Secondary reading begins tomorrow. On the plus side, I’m past the halfway point in the Russian and the plot is advancing nicely.

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1 Response to February 13, 2011: Being The Perfect Guest

  1. Claire says:

    Given that I share the stat stress, I should have locked you in that damn room to finish Tolstoy!

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