February 8, 2011: In Praise of Independent Bookstores

CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
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In recent years, I have made a concerted effort not to buy so many books. My bookshelves were filling up with books I hadn’t read (yet), my expenses were on the rise and something had to give. This made me sad back then – I really love buying books – and still does today. I believe browsing for a new book in the aisles of your favourite independent bookstore to be one of the great pleasures in life. There is something very exciting about bringing home a new stack of books, piling them up on your bedside table and deciding which one to read first. Libraries are wonderful, but they’re just not the same thing.

Here in Toronto my favourite independent bookstore is Type Books. A serious bookstore for serious readers, it is always a pleasure browsing their well-curated selection. Even the children’s section gets me excited. And while I don’t always love the recommendations that the Type staffers make, I love that they make recommendations. There’s a dialogue going on, a give-and-get between fellow readers, and it makes me feel like I’m part of a community, all of whom share the great pleasure of reading.

I recently had the good fortune of meeting one of the owners of Greenlight Bookstore, an independent in Brooklyn, NY that is making it work. The next time I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll definitely break my rule to buy a book from them. If you have three minutes to spare, check out this video – you’ll want to buy a book from them too.

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