January 31, 2011: Seen Reading

CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
-378 PAGES

The combination of being in New York, working at a trade show for 10 hours a day and sharing a room in the evenings with my 9-year-old nephew (who I love very much) is not conducive to solitary reading. And it’s really not conducive to reading a 19th century Russian classic. Ah well. As I wrote in the beginning, life will no doubt interfere with the project in good ways and bad, and there are definitely worse places to be and worse roommates to have.

Digging into this whole book blog world has been fascinating. It turns out there’s no end of book nerds out there with tons of solitary reading and computer time. And some of these people turn out some pretty interesting stuff. If you have time on your hands, check out Seen Reading. Here’s how it works: the individual behind Seen Reading sees you reading, memorizes the page you’re on, gets home and blogs about it. There’s also a related group blog called The Literary Voyeurs so if you like the sound of this, feel free to join in.

Here’s my first sighting:

LOCATION: Twin bed, my nephew’s bedroom, Greenwich Village, New York
TIME: 9:42pm
READER DESCRIPTION: White female, 30s, wearing pyjamas, glasses
BOOK: Anna Karenina
AUTHOR: Leo Tolstoy

As long as I’m bogged down in the Russian, I’m not sure I’ll have anything else to contribute.

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