No verdict on Ted. I’m sure it was complicated.

CURRENTLY READING: The World’s Greatest Short Stories. Edited by Steve Moss

Leigh-Anne here. Over the weekend, I completed Her Husband and it seems I may have been right about old Ted. It seems he was rather… difficult. Actually, it seems the whole lot of them were moody intellectuals with a bit too much spare time. But, I’m sure it was complicated. I remain utterly fascinated. Rather than rush back into Paradise Lost, I am now onto a new book of short stories. My friend Angelique left this particular collection over at my house one day (is that stealing?). It has the best typographical cover. If I knew how to load photos onto this blog, I’d post it. It’s the kind of book Max Fischer would carry around just to show off. Which is what I’ll do also. It’s better than smoking menthol cigarettes. Better for you, I mean.

Editor’s note: Is this it? 

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