January 24, 2011: The Maharaja of All Book Fairs

CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
-126 PAGES

Oprah has a half-sister so it’s pretty hard to concentrate on anything else. However…

This caught my eye in today’s Globe & Mail – the Jaipur Literary Festival is currently taking place in India. Billed as the world’s best book party, this free event attracts 30,000 visitors each year, as well as some of the most celebrated authors in the world. On the ticket this year are Kiran Desai, Martin Amis, Orhan Pamuk, Vikram Seth (who had a bit too much fun one night), Junot Diaz and Candace Bushnell (?), among many others. Unfortunately it ends tomorrow, so we’re too late for this year, but mark your calendars for January 2012. Or if you’re budget-constrained, you could always check out the TD National Reading Summit which just took place in Montreal (hot on the heels of our first National Book Count). According to the summit’s literature, “becoming a reader is at the very heart of responsible citizenship”. Way to take the fun out of reading, Canada. I think I’ll head to Jaipur.

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