January 23, 2011: If it’s good enough for Ethan Hawke…

PAGES READ on Saturday: 15
PAGES READ on Sunday: 25
CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
-107 PAGES

How quickly the hole grows deeper. I’m finding reading on the weekends to be very challenging and Anna Karenina, while an excellent story, is not exactly a page-turner. (Catherine, my reading partner, thinks it is. Maybe I should have gone with the Constance Garnett translation?) I can’t seem to manage more than 30 pages a day.

Apparently Anna Karenina comes highly recommended, not only by Oprah, but also by Ethan Hawke. I dug up an old interview where he says, “If you haven’t read this, stop what you’re doing and read it. The greatest book ever written. It’s what you want when you put on a new record, or go to church – it’s what you want at 3am or 12 in the afternoon.” I guess I’ll keep reading.

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