January 21, 2011: Dewey Decimal RIP?

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More thoughts on the subject of the home library. (Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed.) When you google “gorgeous home libraries” the picture at the left comes up. Honestly, am I missing something? Can there not be a lovely home library that incorporates logical organization?

According to Apartment Therapy (another favourite blog of mine), there are nine ways to organize your books. Alphabetical and by genre are two of the possible ways – phew, logic isn’t dead! The author also acknowledges that organizing books by colour is pretty, but controversial. And for those who are ready for the advanced class, she suggests taking the books-arranged-by-colour system even further: try to arrange your books into a pattern like the American flag. Wouldn’t this seriously inhibit your shopping when you can only buy books with a red, white or blue spine?

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