January 15, 2011: How do you organize your books?

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Claire Cameron’s earlier comment about the expense of  built-in bookshelves got me thinking about my home library. Being a librarian’s daughter, my books are organized alphabetically by author’s last name (obviously), in categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Business, Travel, Poetry, etc. Within Fiction, there are separate shelves for Canadian authors, American authors, British authors and the rest of the world. It wouldn’t be cricket to have my CanLit intermingled with my BritLit, would it?

The overall effect of my shelves, while making it very easy to find a desired title or author, is not particularly pleasing to the eye; the books are a mish-mash of height and colour. I know there are others who choose to sort their books by the colour of the spines. (For some examples, check out Remodelista, one of my favourite design websites.) The effect is pleasing but a bit contrived, no? And how on earth do you find anything?

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